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The Power Tool Institute is dedicated to educating the public about the safe use of power tools. PTI also works with various agencies to encourage high safety standards in the manufacture of power tools.

Although most power tools are not complicated to operate, basic safety practices must be followed, and the tools must be kept in proper operating condition, whether they are in the hands of a professional tradesman, a beginning do-it-yourselfer or a vocational student. The demands of safety apply to all.

Safety is Specific” (in English or Spanish) is PTI’s key safety publication, a 50-page illustrated brochure that includes a straightforward compilation of rules and safe practices for each category of power tool use (specific cautions, warnings and dangers). You may print the pdf of “Safety is Specific” or, for individual tool sections, click on links in the list below and print. Individual tool sections are not available in Spanish.
Click here to download Spanish version (Español), "Seguridad Específica.”

The booklet “Safety is Specific” can be ordered at no charge by clicking the link at left, or simply download and fax or mail the printable publications order form.

For safety information on specific power tools, click the links below to view and print.
The General Safety precautions and guidelines discuss the safe operation of widely used portable and stationary tools. The warnings and instructions on the power tool and in its operator’s manual provide the best source of safety information for the tool.

General Safety
Abrasive Cut-Off Machines and Dry-Cut Machines
Band Saws (Portable and Stationary)
Circular Saws
Coring Rigs and Motors
Drill Presses
Drills, Hammer-Drills, Rotary Hammers, and Hammers
Electric Chain Saws
Grinders (Portable and Bench)
Heat Guns
Impact Wrenches
Jig Saws
Metal Cutting Saws (Portable)
Miter Saws
Radial Arm Saws
Reciprocating Saws
Rotary Die Grinders
Sanders (Stationary and Portable)
Shapers and Router Tables (Stationary and Portable)
Table Saws
Wood Lathes
Safety Symbols and Their Importance

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